Benedict Cumberbatch Has A Message For The Paparazzi, Ladies

Benedict Cumberbatch had this message for the paparazzi who were camped out outside of Sherlock’s set in Cardiff, Wales, over the weekend. SWOON! Ugh, ladies. It’s so nice when someone who you assume is smart turns out to also be cognizant of and care about world issues, or at the very least turns out to possess the desire for untrained paparazzi to be sent to cover an increasingly violent and bloody battle with no obvious solution and no end in sight. We’re already crushing on you, Benny! DIAL IT BACK, DUDE! But you have to wonder: Could anything actually be more important than context-free blurry photos of Benedict Cumberbatch in a long coat on the set of a television show that we’re going to be able to just watch in a few months anyway? I’m not so sure, to be honest. Tweet #SherlockSetPhotosOREgypt with your thoughts and we’ll retweet our faves just kidding let’s just try to do our best to be knowledgable about the world around us and able to accurately weigh things that matter against things that don’t goodnight!!!! (Thanks for the tip, Lizz!)