Trying To Figure Out What X-Men: Days Of Future Past Is About, Based Only On This Promo Picture

  • Three of the biggest dorks alive try on their dads’ old clothes because they spilled pasta sauce on their normal clothes and they have to go to a dance soon.
  • It’s the ’70s and Malcolm McLaren-type put together a rock ‘n’ roll band with two guys he found in a bar and one guy he found at the doctor’s office. (Doctor’s office guy is Nicholas Hoult, he was handing in an application.) They don’t play instruments, but they can (almost) pretend!
  • Three haircut models start a union.
  • Three undercover cops are part of a time-traveling crime solving unit and get a last minute notice that they have to solve a big crime in the ’70s, but they can’t wear their ’90s clothes (takes place in the ’90s). Luckily one of their girlfriends works at a vintage store.
  • Three nerds try to get revenge on everybody who ever wronged them, but ultimately end up seeing that there are two sides to every story, and they should just be happy that they have each other.
  • It’s s a dystopian science fiction movie in which brown clothing is the universal currency, but once you run out of brown clothing you die. :(
  • One nerd (Professor X) develops a potion that turns cool dudes into nerds!
  • (Full-size promo pic after the jump, via Uproxx!)