This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys

God, there have been so many trailers released in these past few weeks! Surely we will look upon them when we are starving for trailers in the upcoming months and remember them fondly, but right now I’m looking upon them and thinking: Hey, maybe this is a few too many trailers?! But we all have a job to do, and all of our job is to watch all of them, even the ones that we know we’re not going to like, so let’s get to it!


Yes. There are a few things about it that make me nervous about this trailer, but I think giving A.C.O.D. the benefit of the doubt is more than fair. Has a lot of our friends in it, looks good, can’t w8 2 watch!


Oh, god. I love David Sedaris as much as the next David Sedaris fan, he is the best, but this movie looks like something I 100% do not want to watch! Maybe it’s better to just read David Sedaris? After he saw a screening of the film at Sundance he said, “It was haunting … and it’s painful to be reminded of how pretentious and horrible I was,” and, you know, it is also painful for me! DO NOT LIKE. (Except about David Sedaris himself. Do love David Sedaris.)

Fading Gigolo

Hahahah. Sure, why not.

Blue Caprice

I’ve heard only very good things about this movie, which makes sense when you watch the trailer, because the trailer looks great too!

How I Live Now

For children who can’t get enough dystopian future nightmares with strong female leads, handsome men, and most of all: NO PARENTS!!!


“Exclusive final trailer ft Cory Monteith” grosses me out to no end, first of all. “CH-CH-CHECK IT OUT!” Though, the movie does look like it will be mostly forgettable aside from that one tragic element. Ugh, anyway, too sad, next trailer.

Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters

Hahah, good. No.