Explaining Your Stupid, Awful Bee Prank To A Friend

Your Friend: I don’t want to hear about another one of your pranks.
You: I wasn’t going to tell you about another one of my pranks!
Your Friend: Really?
You: NOPE! I WAS! Pranked you! I’m the master! You can NEVER beat the master!!!!
Your Friend: God, you are the worst.
You: Don’t be sour just ’cause I pranked you.
Your Friend: You didn’t– Ugh. Just tell me about your new prank.
You: Okay, so, me and my buddy are going to dress up like beekeepers and go around to parks and stuff carrying what looks like a beehive on a stick–
Your Friend: This is already awful. You shouldn’t do this.
You: Oh, come on, you didn’t even hear the good part yet! And then we’re going to pretend we, like, lost track of the bees or whatever, and then we’re going to scream “BEES!” until people hear us, and also we’re going to literally just chase people with the beehive.
You: Yes it is! We aren’t really going to have any bees!
Your Friend: That’s just lying to people and scaring them by shouting at them and chasing them with what you’ve lied to them about.
You: What?
Your Friend: You’re an awful nuisance.

Your Friend: See? It’s funny, dude!
You: What’s funny? That people are going to run away if a stranger is screaming at them and chasing them? That people don’t want to get stung by bees?
Your Friend: Dude, I don’t think you get it: THERE WERE NO BEES!
You: I’m done.
Your Friend: With what?!
You: Don’t tell me about your pranks ever again, seriously.
Your Friend: Whatever, dude. You’ll like the next one, I promise.
You: I’m serious.
Your Friend: All right, fine.
You: Good.
Your Friend: Just kidding! #PRANKED!

(Via ViralViral.)