Tan Mom’s New Music Video OR Animals Dressed As Food?

It’s incredible that everyone is still talking about Kendrick Lamar’s verse on that Big Sean song when Tan Mom released a new music video today in which she disses Farrah Abraham, Howard Stern kind of, AND Michael Lohan maybe! Or she at least mentions going to rehab with him in a way that is weird! UH, HELLO, MUSIC BLOGGERS? IT’S CALLED THE SCOOP, AND IT’S PASSING YOU BY! The song and the video are legitimate nightmares, though, and I beg you not to watch or listen (but to keep Tan Mom in your thoughts & wish the best for her) (I hope she gets better, for real) (AND STOPS), but you are an adult, and you can do whatever you want. So here are your options: watch the Tan Mom music video and say whatever you want about that, OR post pictures of animals dressed as food. Up to you! Choose wisely! You only live once, remember that! Tan Mom video after the jump!