Afternoon Pizza Break!

You deserve a pizza break! So after enjoying your pizza video, head on over to your workplace’s break room and start chowing down on some of the pizza that will be in there! If you go to your workplace’s break room and find that there isn’t any pizza there, go ask your boss about it! Ask her, “Hey boss, where’s the pizza?” If she pretends like she doesn’t know what you’re talking about say, “It’s okay, I know about the pizza break — I read about it online.” If she still keeps up her clueless charade, give her a wink and say, “It’s okay, I’ll just go wait in the break room. If someone orders a special treat for the office, something like maybe a pizza, I want to be the first person there to get at it.” If she doesn’t budge, go wait in the break room! The pizza will get there at some point! It must! YOU DESERVE A PIZZA BREAK! (Via Neatorama.)