Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Amy Poehler and Aubry Plaza make out for the paparazzi. -Uproxx
  • Jay Leno’s final Tonight Show will air on February 6, in the week leading up to the 2014 Winter Olympics. Ugh. Didn’t we just have the Winter Olympics?! -Deadline
  • Ms. Oprah “What does it feel like to be both an adjective and a verb for ‘child star gone wrong’?” Winfrey has a few more questions for Lindsay Lohan in this a-bit-longer trailer for their upcoming interview. -AOL
  • Could Vin Diesel be voicing Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy? And more importantly, what does that mean? That’s a name, GROOT? JK don’t answer those! -/Film
  • Julia Roberts half-sister, Nancy Motes, says that growing up and into adulthood, Julia Roberts said rude things to her about her weight. The stars, they have boring familial arguements that you wish they’d keep us out of, just like us! -Dlisted
  • Chloe Moretz says her Carrie reboot was pushed back half-a-year due to extra-scary reshoots. Okay! -NextMovie