Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Whom can you recognize in this Empire Records mini reunion picture that Ethan Embry tweeted? I could only recognize two of them and one of them WAS Ethan Embry. #damntheme -Vulture
  • “An interview with comedian Joe Mande, who is trying to buy one million Twitter followers.” -Yahoo
  • I don’t care about anything related to Sharknado, it all makes me upset, but I did want to point out that holy moly the Sharknado sequel was given a terrible name! I get, 4sure, that it is supposed to be a funny-terrible name, but it isn’t! -Cinemablend
  • Speaking of sequels, there’s going to be a sequel to Now You See Me. What will THAT sequel be called, do you think? Now You Both See Me? Now You See Me Too? Now You Don’t See Me? Now You See Mes? Now You See Us? There are a lot of good options I’m sure it will be hard for them to pick just one!! -/Film
  • This list of all of the egregious pop culture references in We’re the Millers is very good. Seems like a great movie! Fun for everybody! JK! -Hollywood