Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • This is totally none of our business, but Matt Saracen got IRL married in December and Landry was there and it was insanely beautiful. I love this wedding! I can’t wait until time machines are built and allow you to go to whatever past weddings you want to! -JonasPeterson
  • Vulture spoke with Dr. Donna Nelson, Breaking Bad’s science advisor, about her role in crafting Walt’s science-speak. It’s neat. The show is coming back so soon! -Vulture
  • Beyonce was in an Austin Powers movie one time, so that means that technically we can talk about THIS HAIRCUT. -Dlisted
  • Amber Tamblyn is going to play the role of Charlie Harper’s lesbian daughter on Two and a Half Men. Just FYI! -Deadline
  • “Selections from my Breaking Bad fan fiction.” -ShoutsAndMurmurs
  • Jemima Kirke reportedly was ejected from the set of Jay-Z’s “Picasso Baby” music video for being too “Picasso crazy.” Ahahha. LOL. -Gawker
  • Here’s a peek at The Birthday Boys, a sketch show coming (by way of Bob Odenkirk) to IFC this fall. -IFC