Is E!’s Upcoming Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills The One True Reality Series?

Is it based on a meme that was born on one form of social media and then quickly used to populate another form of social media? Check! Does it focus on extreme wealth in a time when many are struggling to afford even their most basic needs? Check! Is the extreme wealth limited to sexy teens and early 20-somethings who can’t even pretend they’ve done anything to earn it? Check! Does it refrain from hiding its true intention, even in the title? Check! Will there be parties? Uh-chhhheck! From Deadline:

Some of the young people, who achieved Internet notoriety by showcasing their lavish, over the top lifestyles on the Rich Kids Of Instagram Tumblr blog, are headed to television. I’ve learned that E! has put in development Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills, a new unscripted series that revolves around a group of 20-something friends living in a world of extreme wealth who caught notice on Instagram. On the proposed series, produced by ITV Studios America in association with Leepson Bounds Entertainment, the offspring of the most elite families and billionaire moguls party, play and support each other against a backdrop of wealth.

“Party, play and support each other against a backdrop of wealth.” SOUNDS LIKE THE ONE TRUE REALITY SERIES TO ME! The only hitch in it being the one true reality series might be that it is not a contest. That might be a major factor for you; it is not a major factor for me. We’re all entitled to our own ideas about the 1TRS. Please vote in our poll, after the jump, about whether or not Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills is the one true reality series.

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