The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

Hold onto your butts (Jurassic Park) because today I have for you some genuine Internet animal video-related news! Maru, the Internet’s favorite box-jumping-into cat, has…a…new…CAT LIVING WITH HIM! BEEAAAOUUU BEEAA BEAA BEAAAAOOOUU! Stop the presses, get this to the presses, and then START THE PRESSES!! That is the end of the news. Hahah. I don’t even know the cat’s name because all I have available to me is a google-translated version of Maru’s owner’s announcement, and google translate is not the best at letting you know which of the words is the name of the cat. But that’s enough, right? A cat from the Internet is no longer the only cat living in its house? WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?! Oh, animal videos? It’s totally acceptable if you also want animal videos. Let’s get to those!

10. Sneezing Sheep

9. Dog Steals Pizza

8. Brooke And Monkey

7. Soothing Kittens

6. “Monkey Brain Freeze”

5. Corgi Puppy Sees Its Reflection

4. Chinchilla Dust Bath Ship

3. Guinea Pigs Sharing A Bell Pepper

2. Hedgehog Cleaning Her Feet

1. Micro Pig Has A Bath