Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Sherlock Season 3 teaser trailer! Twenty-six of the vaguest and most exciting seconds on the web this morning. -/Film
  • Might Michael Cera be the most interesting actor of his generation? Noah Gittell thinks so! -TheAtlantic
  • Breaking Bad won “Program of the Year” at this past weekend’s Television Critics Association Awards. Please give my condolences to the program at your nicece’s dance recital (hahaha) (LOL) (I’m LOLing) and click through for the full list of winners! -HitFix
  • Speaking of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston appared on Late Night last Friday and played with someone’s look. -LateNight
  • Billy Eichner has been cast brilliantly in the upcoming season of Parks and Recreation. His character is kind of a spoiler, so click through ONLY if you dare, but rest assured that it will be gr8. -TVLine
  • I guess this is a picture of Jennifer Aniston without makeup? She looks great! I bet she’s wearing a little bit of makeup, though. The amount you put on when you want people to think you’re not wearing any and just have a perfect complexion. Right? Ladies?! Anyone!?! -Dlisted