Let’s Take A Moment Here

Well, here we are! Wow, does anyone else hear that echo? HELLO! Hello! (hello!) Ahh, that’ll take some getting used to. So. Gabe said his goodbyes on Friday, and we said our goodbyes back, and I don’t want to dwell on Our Dark Day, but it wouldn’t feel right to jump into the week without taking a moment to regroup. So, let’s regroup.

Whenever I move to a new city, or to a new apartment, or whenever there is some other sort of change that suddenly makes me feel like I am on unstable and unfamiliar ground, I like to watch one of a particular set of movies that make me feel at home. They are not necessarily my favorite movies — usually the movie I watch is Office Space (which I love!) (but which does fall under the category of “not necessarily one of my favorite movies”) — but the point is that they are familiar and stabilizing and help me to feel like I can at least feel comfortable within this one thing. So I thought it would be helpful if we could all gather around the “More Sand” this morning (which is actually probably my favorite Internet video) (so it’s a little different than the thing I just explained) (ahh, everything is already falling apart!!), take an iBreath, give each other an eHug, and remember what we come here for: Gabe Delahaye. AH! No, wait! I mean: A wonderful community; a thoughtful blog about farts, bloopers, and the things we like and do not like; and a few moments of happiness and levity before we, like Mr. Delahaye before us, return to the earth.

A truly wonderful chapter of Videogum’s herstory (that is, the chapter that created and grew and nurtured the entire book, and whose memory will live on in each new page) (R.I.P. chapter) came to an end on Friday, but as anyone who has ever read a NOOK┬« knows, new chapters wait for nobody. So let’s turn the page (Metallica version) and get started. I think it’s going to be a good one!

More Videogum, more you guys, more me, more sand. Videogum forever.