Headline Of The Day: “Jamie Lee Curtis Injured In Car Accident, Jodie Foster Rushes To Help”

Just like in life, in headlines things are not always what they seem. (cc: @pulizerprize) Sometimes what can catch us as a wacky, fun headline featuring two leading lady celebs happening on each other by chance, can actually just be a story about a car accident! Which, I guess you should’ve assumed by the words “injured in car accident,” but they were followed up so quickly by “Jodie Foster rushes to help” that who could blame you, really?! From US:

It was a Freaky Thursday for Jamie Lee Curtis and Jodie Foster. Curtis, 54, was involved in a serious car accident in Venice, Calif. the morning of Aug. 1, suffering minor injuries. As photos at TMZ attest, the Fish Called Wanda star and Activia spokeswoman was transported to a local hospital via ambulance — but fellow Hollywood veteran Jodie Foster arrived on the scene to help, following an apparent phone call from longtime pal Curtis.

Headline of the day, you have deceived us. How dare you trap us into thinking something is kind of great, only to soon reveal that it was actually just scary and that we all just wish Jamie Lee Curtis a speedy recovery, not to mention all of the non-celebrities who get into car accidents every day and don’t even have Jodie Foster on speed-dial?! Ugh. How dare you. Fool me once, headline of the day, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again. #georgewbush #tgif