Videogum Everywhere Mission: Let’s Paint, Exercise, And Call John Kilduff To Thank Him!

Let’s Paint TV is currently streaming live. Host John Kilduff is painting while running on a treadmill, cooking, and taking our calls. His show has been a genuine inspiration for almost as long as Videogum has existed, so it is fitting this week that we have a chance to give something back. As with any Videogum Everywhere mission, “agents” will be considered to have accomplished the “mission” simply by leaving everyone alone and allowing them to go about their business, so please DON’T call into Let’s Paint TV unless you have something nice and supportive to say. But even if you don’t call, think of all the things you can do! You can run, jump, swim, eat, draw, sing, blog, skate, cook, write, and grow all at the same time. You, excuse me, WE can do it ALL!