Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • This is a giant Doctor Who-themed corn maze near York, England featuring a Dalek and a couple Doctor Who faces. Aliens are really stepping up their game! Ahahahhahh. Please RT. -Geekologie
  • New York Car Guys: Episode 1 -TeenWheelsTV
  • It looks like shooting for Star Wars: Episode VII might begin as soon as next month. “Guhh, I’m not ready!!!” – Nerd voice. (I’m sorry!) -/Film
  • Larry David appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and, if you like Larry David, it was fun and is worth watching! If you don’t like Larry David then relax, this isn’t for you! -Uproxx
  • Next Movie has gathered up what they consider to be the 50 worst movie tag lines ever, but are your 50 worst movie tag lines included in their list? If not, leave them in the comments, just kidding! I mean, do whatever you want, but that was a joke! Byee! -NextMovie