RUMOR ALERT: Does Kristen Stewart Have A New Dog?!

I understand that every day more and more people switch from human sit-down desks to nonsense standing desks, for either their health or for the ability to then take a picture of their new garbage desk and post it on Instagram and try to convince other people to do the same, as if life isn’t hard enough, but for those of you with standing desks I’m going to need to ask you to find a normal desk and PLEASE SIT DOWN. Take a deep breath. Breathe in and out. One more time. Now: DOES KRISTEN STEWART HAVE A NEW DOG?! From Us Magazine:

Did Robert Pattinson get custody of the dogs? More than two months after breaking up with boyfriend Pattinson, Kristen Stewart was spotted out walking what appeared to be a new dog.

The 23-year-old Twilight actress was photographed out in L.A. on Sunday, July 28, with some female friends and a beautiful black puppy. Stewart showed some skin in a cut-out tank top with a black bra underneath while holding the dog’s leash and going for a stroll.

Stewart and Pattinson, 27, adopted dogs Bear and Bearnie together during their four-year relationship, PopSugar reports. After calling it quits in May, Pattinson was photographed leaving Stewart’s L.A. home in his pickup truck with the two dogs riding up front. It’s unknown how the exes decided to split custody of their pets.

O. M. F. D. He got both of the dogs?! When you’re in a relationship and you get a dog you should for sure expect to at some point either lose that dog and have to clean up after that dog 100%, but if you’re in a relationship and you have two dogs, you should definitely at some point have a playful discussion about which of you gets which of the dogs if you ever break up! IT CAN BE A JOKE UNTIL IT ISN’T! And now we have to deal with this?! A new dog, maybe? What even is its name?! Ugh. Sometimes I just don’t know. (Thanks for the tip, Huckabeast!)