The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

There is a very sweet video going around about a Boston Terrier puppy with “Swimmer Puppy Syndrome,” which means he cannot sit, stand, or walk, who was taken in by a foundation that eventually helped him overcome his puppy disability, and it is very sweet, and you should watch it, and it is not on the countdown today because it is too emotional and I thought we were already having an emotional week and WE DID NOT NEED IT. Do watch it though. It’s very sweet! AND THE PUPPY IS SO CUTE! It’s actually kind of insane how cute the puppy is. Why don’t we all have puppies? Very, very stupid of us that we don’t all have puppies. What a bunch of dumb dumbs. Something so cute exists and we’re living our lives without it? Ugh. Want to do the next best thing? (The next best thing to doing having a puppy.) Ok, let’s WATCH SOME ANIMAL VIIIDEEEEEOOOOOOOOOS!

10. Just A Sleeping Bunny

9. Puppy Tongue

8. Kemosabe’s Tree Fort

7. Rat Tricks!

6. Quokka Eats A Cracker

5. Blind Dog Kissing A Lemur

4. Sweet Lion Cub And A Ball


2. Resourceful Dog Solves A Problem

1. Dancing Baby Stingrays