Duh Aficionado Magazine: Pat Robertson Supports Transgendered People (Wait, WHAT?)

A question was sent into Pat Robertson’s show this week about the proper pronoun to use when dealing with a transgendered person, and obviously, the evangelical talk show host with a long history of deeply ignorant, often hateful comments, who has suggested in the past that Haiti made a deal with the devil, that mac and cheese is “a black thing,” that everyone should dump their Muslim girlfriend, that only sluts date atheists, and that global warming is a myth because there are no SUVs on Mars, calmly and patiently explained that he believed there truly were people in the world, men and women, who identified themselves deeply as being stuck in a body of the wrong gender, and who truly and meaningfully desired a sex change operation, and that while he did not understand all of the nuances of this human experience, he didn’t feel that there was any particular sin attached to it. No duh. Wait, no, what is the opposite of duh?!

I like how hard his co-host is trying to get him to be an asshole about this. Give her her own show! Seriously, though, big ups to Pat Robertson. Everything is forgiven you are truly a wonderful man doing great work just kidding but this is surprising I don’t know. (Via TheHuffingtonPost.)