Under The Dome Has Been Renewed For A Second Season, R.I.P. Under The Dome

Under the Dome’s potential to be a pretty good miniseries dwindled fairly quickly after its premiere, due to expositional dialogue-related fatigue, how everyone Under the Dome is legit the dumbest, and the growing belief that the series will 4SURE not end in a way that makes the cumulative half-day  you spent watching it seem worthwhile. Still, though, curiosity surrounding that end and the knowledge that we would soon get an answer kept us coming back. It’s just a mini-series, right? Just these episodes, and then we’ll wash our hands of it forever, taking with us the knowledge of what and why the stupid old dome was? AH-NNNNNNNNNNNNNNOPE! From EW:

Under the Dome will return next summer for 13 more episodes, CBS announced today.

The drama based on Stephen King’s bestselling novel is averaging 13.84 million viewers this summer and a 3.5 rating/10 share in adults 18-49, according to Nielsen. The series has also enjoyed a big boost on DVR playback and Amazon’s Prime Instant Video, which says Under the Dome has been watched by more customers than any other series on the service.

“It’s the way television should be,” CBS Corp Chairman Leslie Moonves told reporters this morning at the Television Critics Tour in Los Angeles. “It’s the way television can be.”

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! “It’s the way television should be, continued for many seasons after it should have ended.” Oh, Under the Dome! WHAT WILL BECOME OF YOU IN SEASON TWO? The journalist running around corpses, telling all the corpses she’s a journalist and demanding that they tell her the truth about something something?  Just straight-up footage of all the townspeople rotting? Will everyone get out from underneath the dome at the end of season one and then season two will be a Parenthood-style show and the boy and goth girl will be the mom and dad?! BUT WE ALRADY HAVE A PARENTHOOD, AND IT’S PERFECT! Ugh. R.I.P. Under the Dome. You can have taken away our Monday nights, but you can’t take away our future Monday nights.