Cool Dad Rap!

Yo, can your dad rap like this?! If so, um, can you please tell him to stop?! It’s not that he isn’t good at it! It seems like he’s practiced a lot and the results are impressive, but growing up is hard enough without your dad referring to himself as a white boy pre-rap for the Internet, especially when he then turns the camera on you. So if your dad can rap like this, can you gently ask him to cut it out? It will be hard, though, because he does seem into it:

I was having a great time with my kids rapping to some music in the car. I had to show them up and let them know that being a dad is cool! (They said I was sick…which means really cool!) LOL

I am a motivational speaker during the day and a rapper at night. LOL Crazy Fun! Let me know what you think.
Derek Clark in the hoooouusssseee! LOL

Awww. LOL. Crazy fun. #cooldad (Via DailyPicks.)