Even Though Aaron Paul Is Nice, Let’s Definitely Not Show Up At Aaron Paul’s House (Uninvited)

It’s a hot summer day and you’re waiting in a celebrity house tour van outside of Aaron Paul’s house. After a few minutes of waiting, peering into the windows of a human stranger’s private home, you think you see something. Is that– No, it couldn’t be! IS IT? You hold your breath and continue peering, as if whether or not Aaron Paul is in his home is any of your business, and you get your confirmation. Aaron Paul is inside his home, and it looks like he’s spotted you as well! And he’s coming outside! As he descends the stairs you whisper to your friends about how sweet and handsome he is to be doing this, oh my goodness, and what is that he’s saying? As he gets closer you begin to make it out…”KELLY? IS THAT KELLY? KELLY FROM VIDEOGUM.COM?” OMG. What?! He approaches your tour bus and explains that he is a big fan and is so happy to finally meet you. What is going on?! AARON PAUL is a fan of YOU?! You explain that you’re a fan of his, as well, and he says, “I know.” AHHHH! Finally, he invites you inside to have a margarita and head out back to his swimming pool. The End. Obviously that could and would happen if we were to go on the celebrity bus tour that stops by Aaron Paul’s house and wait for him to come outside, like this Irish family did, BUT THAT DOESN’T MEAN WE OR ANYONE ELSE SHOULD DO IT!

Very nice, very much trying hard to be polite and accommodating, very much a nightmare to imagine strangers coming to your home and looking into your windows and waiting out in a van for you to come and talk to them. (Via AaronPaul.)