Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Videogum Movie Club Reminder: Go see The Wolverine this weekend, if you want to, and then come back on Monday and talk about it with Gabe!
  • Mitchell Hurwitz says he will “definitely” make a fifth season of Arrested Development. I hope we get to hear a lot about the negotiations before then! -/Film
  • LET’S POTATO CHIPS! What are they? Why are they in all the shows?! (And also in the web series Catherine?!) This link doesn’t really answer the question in the way that I want it to, but it at least acknowledges it, which I appreciate. -Hollywood
  • Sharknado is coming to the big screen? Ugh. More like Sharknadgoingaway! Ahahaaa. LOL. Please RT. -NextMovie
  • Here’s a supercut of Saturday Night Live cast members breaking character. Almost every time I type “supercut” I type “supercute” first instead! Ok, have a good weekend! -HyperVocal