Explaining Your “Free Money Experiment” To A Friend

You: Did you watch my video?
Your Friend: Yeah.
You: Can you believe it?!
Your Friend: Can I believe what?
You: That pretty much no one would take the money! FREE MONEY and they wouldn’t take it.
Your Friend: Well, right. You were just shouting at people.
You: Yeah, shouting “FREE MONEY, NO CATCH!”
Your Friend: Hah, yes. It definitely seemed like there was going to be a catch? I mean, you know what it seemed like.
You: Yeah, it seemed like a guy was trying to give away money and no one would take it!
Your Friend: That’s not what it seemed like.
You: What do you think it says about people? That they won’t take free money if a person is trying to give it to them?
Your Friend: What? It means nothing. It means people aren’t going to talk to some stranger who is shouting weird shit at them.
You: I don’t know, man.
Your Friend: You don’t know what?!

You: I think it says a lot.
Your Friend: I promise you that it doesn’t.

(Via ViralViral.)