Hugh Jackman To Flood Broadway With Urine

Hey Gabe, you are a full grown adult, do you think at a certain point you will get tired of making fun of Hugh Jackman for peeing his pants, a thing he only admitted to doing in an attempt to momentarily quiet the relentlessly starving monster of the celebrity industrial complex and go ahead and move on with your own life? Great question! No. From ONTD:

Hugh Jackman revealed some juicy tidbits in a new interview at the NY premiere of THE WOLVERINE! Jackman talks about returning to Broadway, even though it’s in the early stages. He says, “Yeah, I’m doing a Houdini…uh, we are doing the final workshop at the end of this year so if all goes well we’ll be bringing it to Broadway. I wish I could do some magic for you now but…I’ve got nothing!”

He wishes he could do some magic for us now, but he’s all out of magic and there won’t be any more magic until at least 20 minutes after the second iced tea. I’m just teasing. Hugh Jackman isn’t going to just let the actor in him come out on the red carpet, it’s exhausting. He’s got to save it for the stage. Or as he likes to call it: “the bathroom.” (The actual joke should be “or as he likes to call it: the loo,” but I wasn’t sure you guys would get it right away, and I REALLY wanted you guys to get it RIGHT AWAY.) We will continue to bring you the latest in Hugh Jackman Pee Pants News forever until we die.