The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

This week two of the videos in the top five are dolphin videos. Pretty neat, right? Is that neat or no? (What does neat mean?) When I put all of the animal videos into the Petting Zoo computer each week in order for it to calculate the correct order for the list, usually when the computer prints out isn’t a surprise, but this week…TWO DOLPHIN VIDEOS?! Ah, I know! Zero sure, one maybe, but two?! I was just as surprised and delighted as you are. One of them also features a human. What else can we talk about? Uhhh. What…kind of…animal videos do you like? All of them? Well, all of the good ones? (You might think that they’re all good ones but LET ME ASSURE YOU that they are not all good ones. There are a lot of stinkers out there.) Me too! Ok, I think that’s enough small talk: LET’S GET ON WITH IT AND GET TO THE VIIIDEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!

10. Kitten Flaps Ears While Drinking Milk

9. Cat Has Chill Relaxation Face

8. Chihuahua Rides Turtle

7. Toucan Hops Up Stairs

6. Dog Shoots A Hoop!

5. Kitten Does Not Want You To Read The Newspaper

4. Dog Barking In His Sleep

3. Gymnast Entertains Dolphin

2. Dolphin Admires Herself In The Mirror

1. Dog Sees Her “Dad” For The First Time In 6 Months