Lunch Chat: Did You See The Royal Baby?!

“More like the Royal Blanket,” is what I would say if I worked in an office with other people and had a lunch break and my coworkers were all talking about how the world just got its first glimpse at the tiny new prince. “Aw, come on it’s exciting, though!” they’d probably say, or maybe someone would say, “You’re like the Royal Wet Blanket,” because they were just trying to have some light human chat before getting back to their computer screens. And I’d say, “Really? I don’t know. I’d be excited if we all got to leave work early and had tomorrow off because of it, but otherwise who cares? And thats coming from me, someone who LOVES babies.” And they’d think, “Maybe Kelly should have a job where she never actually speaks to anyone.” WELL YOU’VE GOT YOUR WISH, FICTIONAL COWORKERS! We did all get to see the baby, though. (The blanket.) Did you see him? Does he have a name yet? Do you think they feel pressure to have the name be something exciting, or do you think they feel pressure to have the name be something boring? Or do they feel no pressure? If you didn’t see the baby, want to see him now? Like, I know who cares, but just in case someone asks? What did you eat for lunch? I mean, let’s watch the baby thing:

What did you eat for lunch, though? Did you eat lunch yet? (Via Mediaite.)