Sacha Baron Cohen Is Out Of The Freddie Mercury Biopic, But Who Should Replace Him?!

Hey, this stinks! (“Hey, this stinks!” is a new catchphrase I’m working on developing, the start of a new catchphrase is always the rockiest part, plz stay with me.) Due to creative differences with members of Queen, Sacha Baron Cohen has dropped out of the Freddie Mercury biopic. BUT HE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE HIM! From Deadline:

Sacha Baron Cohen is just not seeing eye to eye with the remaining members of Queen who have script and director approval over that biopic on iconic lead singer Freddie Mercury. That film had Cohen circling the role but I’ve just learned he’s now pulled out. The reason is that the band wanted to make more of a PG movie about Queen while Cohen was counting on a gritty R-rated tell-all centered around the gifted gay singer.

Uh, so, who should replace Sacha Baron Cohen in what could have possibly been a very good movie (the band also vetoed writer Peter Morgan and directors David Fincher and Tom Hooper) (?! QUEEN, COME ON!) but what will now probably not be a very good movie? At this point my number one choice is Drake dressed up as Borat, but I could be swayed if anyone else has a better idea! Benedict Cumberbatch dressed as Borat? No. That wouldn’t be any good. Britt Daniel from Spoon dressed not as Borat but as Freddie Mercury? That also wouldn’t be good, but I’d still see it. Rik Mayall? No. Huh. This is hard! Kanye West?! Should we just listen to Queen instead of trying to do this movie? Huh, boys? Queen boys? What do you say?