Best New Party Game: Comic-Con Movies

Comic-Con ended yesterday, but information about what went on at Comic-Con is still flooding the Internet at a pace that suggests Comic-Con news might never end. Could this be it? Is this the end? It’ll be sad to see all the blogs drowning in Comic-Con and it’ll be sad to see the rest of the Internet pulled into the Comic-Con ocean and left to die, but not TOO sad, I don’t think. We’ve had a good run! (Not really, but it wouldn’t be very nice to stay bad things about the Internet right after it died. R.I.P.) Before it all comes to an end, though, why not add to it? Let’s play a party game, huh?! Comic-Con movies! “Videogum played party games while the Internet sunk,” is what they’ll say. What a beautiful way 2 go. I’ll go first.

  • You Can Count On Me, I’m The 600th Person In Line For This Wolverine Panel 
  • Silver Linings Cosplaybook 
  • Dan Harmon In Real Life
  • iRobot, uRobot, iFeel Like We’re All Robots!
  • The Brave Little Can You Sign My Poster?
  • The Veronica Mars Movie Panel
  • Attack of the “Nerds,” Which Is Actually A Compliment 
Now it’s your turn! Have some fun while you can!