Checking In On Sports!

We don’t talk about sports too much here on Videogum, but that doesn’t mean we don’t care! We love watching skilled players taking the ball to the hoop just as much as the next fan. It doesn’t matter if it’s a football, or a baseball, or a soccer ball, or a tennis ball, as long as there’s a talented athlete taking it to the hoop, we’ll be there cheering him or her on. We have knowledge to share, too! For instance, do you know that there is such thing as the NBA Summer League? It’s true! Why there is such a thing as the NBA Summer League is a mystery even to fans like us, but it’s always a fun topic to sit with your friends and theorize about. Do they have a summer league to practice and stay sharp for the normal league? Do they get paid for summer league, too? Is summer league only for bad teams? If so: Are the bad teams ashamed that they’re part of the summer league? Is it like summer camp? Is Michael Jordan one of the counselors? Was that in his original contract with the Chicago Bulls? “You have to be a counselor at summer league for pretty much the rest of your life”? Ah, who knows! That’s just part of the fun. But we do have an exciting bit of gameplay to share from the NBA Summer League, so come on, let’s tune in!

Ah, there’s nothing like watching a good game. (Via Buzzfeed.)