Oh My God, Did You Hear Why Henry And Kaley Broke Up?

Listen, I know that we shouldn’t be gossiping about it or whatever, but I’m sure they both think that it’s all we’re talking about anyway, as if we’re so obsessed with them that we don’t have our own lives to worry about, so we might as well talk about it, right? We’re basically giving them what they want at this point. Like, I totally love both of them and I’m fine to hang out with each of them separately from now on — ugh — but did you hear about why Hen and Kay broke up? Johnny. YES. No, I know. From Star Magazine, via Celebitchy:

One source tells Star Magazine that the romance “just fizzled out” but Star can report that Henry’s playboy past and Kaley’s costar, Johnny Galecki, contributed to the split.

“Henry’s a ladies’ man,” dishes an insider. “And even though Kaley and Johnny broke up three years ago, they’ve remained really close pals. Johnny was worried for her and thought Henry wasn’t being genuine.”

Henry was engaged to champion horse jumper Ellen Whitaker before jumping into the arms of Gina Carano. And after he crossed paths with Kaley this spring, he quickly ditched Gina to pursue Kaley.

“That’s how Henry works… he gets invested in a girl but drops her when another stunning woman shows interest.”

Their relationship has ALWAYS been weird, so this totally makes sense, but like…WHAT?! I love Kaley and I want her to find the right guy for sure, and probably Henry wasn’t the best for her, but Johnny seriously needs to mind his own business. Like, you know how they’re always like…hanging out? Going out to dinner and stuff? Texting each other when you’re hanging out with them, and it’s like, “who are you texting?” You know? Gross. I love them all, but, ugh. Just — gross.