Girl Stuff: Surfing In High Heels

Is it hot enough for you, ladies?! It’s hot enough for me! Too hot for me, really! So hot that you want to wear as little as possible when you go outside, even if the consequence is feeling like you’re putting on a show for any slob you see on the street who feels entitled to stare at you, as if you have chosen your 100-degree weather wardrobe for him, because of our sexist culture! BUT ANYWAY, LADIES! You know how hard it can be to choose your footwear for when you go surfing. What do you wear? Sandals? Sneakers? Are there special surfing shoes? Does it not matter because surfing seems a little too intense for you — like, it seems fun and you’d love to be able to do it, but the chances of you being able to do it are slim and the chances of you paddling out and standing up and falling over directly onto a sharp rock are a lot less slim? Or do you wear high heels? “Oh, you must be joking,” you’re probably thinking, “I don’t know the answer for sure — I think maybe you just don’t wear anything on your feet typically, or maybe you wear some short of water shoe if you want to — but I am almost positive that no one could surf while wearing high heels. Sneakers maybe, sandals perhaps, but DEFINITELY not high heels.” HAH. Well, Professor Surfing Shoes, look who’s about to get PROVEN WRONG! (In this one case.) (With these very talented ladies.)

Um. I don’t know! Are they making high heels that are easier to surf in, for some reason? Are these ladies just good at it? Was it a contest? I DON’T KNOW, BUT I AM PROUD OF THEM! (Via LaughingSquid.)