How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

How are you guys doing today? Personally, I am fine. Very standard-issue day over here. I had a salad for lunch. That’s like, the biggest news so far. Not bad! It literally could be worse! But I’m definitely not having as good of a day as Júlíus Pétur Guðjohnsen. That guy! You see, Ryan Gosling was recently in Iceland to work on post-production for his upcoming directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster. At first it seemed like your standard exciting visit of a major celebrity to a foreign country. But then something strange started happening. As Gawker reported this week, Iceland’s oldest newspaper, , published a story about Ryan Gosling’s car being rear-ended in Reykjavik, except it wasn’t Ryan Gosling at all, it was 27-year-old Júlíus Pétur Guðjohnsen. Who has since become a minor celebrity in the country, being dubbed Iceland’s Ryan Gosling. He’s doing great! Total game-changer! That guy is probably drowning in poutine. (I know poutine is a Canadian thing, but I don’t know enough about Iceland to make the joke I wanted to make, and I think you get the joke anyway because it is a VERY good joke.)

But what about you guys? How are your days going? Everyone answer at once.