Duh Aficionado Magazine: Hugh Jackman Stays In Shape With The Tooth Fairy Work Out Routine

Hugh Jackman is ripped. No duh. We all know that about him. It’s actually disgusting. I’m not sure which is more repulsive, his arms or his “method.” Of course, regular civilians like you and me are always looking to our betters for tips on how to stay fit, but did u know that sometimes even celebs need a little help? From E!:

But for his latest role in The Wolverine, in theatres July 26, [Hugh Jackman] is admitting to E! News that sometimes, you need some extra diet and fitness tips from other leading men in Hollywood.
Enter Dwayne Johnson!

“I know Dwayne and I rang him and said, ‘Buddy, I saw you in The Tooth Fairy…and then I saw you in an action movie and you are massive. How do you do it?'” Let’s just say it takes a lot of time and food to look that big.

“Buddy, I saw you in The Tooth Fairy.” LOLOLOL. “I had never noticed before, but have you been working out?” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is literally a monster created in a laboratory, as well as a former pro-wrestler and an action movie superstar, but Hugh Jackman saw The Tooth Fairy and was like “that’s the body I am looking for.” Very cool. Let’s just say it takes a lot of time and food to look that big. “What’s your secret?” Let’s just say that diet and exercise do play a part. Huh!