The Petting Zoo: The Week’s Top 10 Animal Videos

How is your dog doing in this heat wave? Did you get him a children’s pool to play in? Did you buy him a little hat that also sprays water all of his body every so often so he can wear it while he’s outside? (Not a thing that exists as far as I know.) Did you buy more air conditioners?! Did you send him on a pet vacation? HOW IS HE DOING?! Ahhhh! To get a little relief from worrying about how strangers dogs are doing in this heat wave, let’s all take a few minutes to do something completely different and watch this live-cam of brown bears catching salmon. It’s beautiful and quiet! (Thanks for the tip, Lizz!) Ahhhhhh. It’s almost as if we’ve never had a worry in the world. Not one worry about how it has been above 90 degrees just about every day for the past two weeks. We barely even remember the video that veterinarian guy made about animals in hot cars. Let’s move onto the animal videos before our fear catches up with us! THEY’RE GREAT! LET’S GOOO!

10. Playful Dog Meets Friendly Cat

9. Dog Shakes Booty

8. Bunny Eats Apple

7. Kittens In A Toy Car

6. Sneeze Scares Piglet

5. Porpoises Playing With Bubble Rings

4. Baby Sloth Can’t Find Carrots

3. Puppy Eating Watermelon

2. Burping Sheep

1. Little Girl Loves Dog