Here Are Some Afternoon Links!

  • Here’s a clip from SyFy’s Sharnado follow-up, Ghost Shark. -/Film
  • Jimmy Fallon got the exciting opportunity to interview Michael Jordan last night on Late Night! The interview went very well, Michael Jordan is very knowledgeable about herself. -LateNight
  • Lindsay Lohan is getting $2 millon from Oprah. Does it even matter why or what I’m talking about at all?! Two million dollars! The vacations we could take with that money! -Dlisted
  • Speaking of money, Robert Downey Jr. is the highest-paid actor. Can you imagine the beautiful vacations he takes? He’s probably almost never doesn’t take a vacation that he wants to take. -FilmDrunk
  • Haha, here are nine reasons why The Conjuring will make you pee your pants. Are any of them that you drank too much soda but you feel awkward getting up and going to the bathroom?! Click 2 find out! -NextMovie