Please Let This Be Both The First AND The Last Instagram Trailer

Recently I participated in a debate with friends about the future of Google Glass, with one friend in particular arguing that the product has such a future that in a few years we’ll all be embarrassed that we ever thought it wouldn’t find its place — that we’ll all be walking around wearing Google Glass, pretending that we always knew it would become ubiquitous. This friend argued that when smart phones were introduced, everyone thought smart phones were a silly fad, but NOW LOOK, everyone has smart phones! (This was a very interesting and novel discussion. Do you guys have friends? You should get some so you can have similar discussions!) It turned into one vs. the rest argument, which are never fun, and was called off soon after it began, and who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll all go as far as to have Google Glass implanted in our babies eyeballs at birth, and if that’s the case 4sure color me embarrassed, but I have to imagine that the argument to release this Jobs trailer — the Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs movie, you remember — had to be something AT LEAST vaguely similar. “This is the future of advertising and we’ll be the first to do it! In the future no one will watch a trailer if it doesn’t last 15 seconds and isn’t released through a social media app!” Hahaha. AND THEY SHOULD BE THE FIRST TO DO IT! I can think of no better movie to release the first, AND HOPE2GOD ALSO THE LAST, movie trailer on Instagram than the movie Jobs. I will say that it is better than releasing a trailer on Vine, for sure, but it is also better than GOING 2 THE DENTIST, and I don’t want to go to the dentist either, sooo, what are we talking about?!, let’s watch this thing!

Hahaha. Okay. Cool trailer! “I can’t wait 3 see this movie.” -Gabe Delahaye. (Via Gizmodo.)