Benedict Cumberbatch Is Testing You, Ladies

There doesn’t seem to be another explanation for the recent rash of poor fashion choices for anyone, let alone a celebrity heart-throb on whom eyes and cameras are consistently placed, that have beset Benedict Cumberbatch this summer. Benedict Cumberbatch is testing you, ladies. Are you going to pass the test?! True love is seeing your crush in jorts, a white t-shirt, and white tennis shoes in a promo for an upcoming appearance on Top Gear, and still gchatting the photo to your friends. “Isn’t Benedict Cumberbatch the cuuuuuuutteeesst? Ugh, just so cute,” you’ll say. “I don’t care if he’s in jorts or sandals or whatever; as long as he’s still my Benny, I’ll still love him forever.” This is still you talking to your friend — “I just feel like whenever we meet we’re going to have this, like, instant connection, you know? Even though he’s a celeb I know I’m going to feel comfortable around him and he’s going to feel like he’s known me forever, or at least for just as long as I’ve known about him (2 years). I just love him, truly. No matter how disappointingly and inappropriately he dresses. We can work on it! You know?! All couples work on things.” And then your friend lets his or her gchat go idle, even though he or she is there, seeing everything you’ve sent, and then after about 30 minutes he or she disconnects and then reconnect in invisible mode. You passed the test! (Via BuzzFeed.)