Here Are Some Morning Links!

  • Want this stupid boat car from James Bond? You can have it! -NextMovie
  • Oh no, did you hear about Henry and Kaley? Mmmhm. Already. I know. Two weeks. We all knew it would happen, and now it’s like, what? We just go back to hanging out with them like nothing happened? Or are WE supposed to alter our behavior? Well, I’m not. Seriously. -AtlanticWire
  • Brian Grazer has confirmed that Netflix is in talks for another season of Arrested Development. I will watch it for sure, but I honestly don’t think I can handle another Internet build-up to a season of Arrested Development. I’ll be in the graveyard! Water my plants! -/Film
  • This is just a very good clip from General Hospital. -Dlisted
  • Hey, Grown Ups 2 got a positive review! The sweet little movie that could, for sure. Congrats, boys. -FilmDrunk