Farrah Abraham’s Rehab Fight With Tan Mom What Are You Having For Lunch?

I know we are living in a world in which we are constantly bombarded with information that is gross and sad and weird and above all none of our business, and it is damaging both to the human beings on which the information is focused and to us, the consumers of information that erodes our sense of what is decent and acceptable to know about, gawk at, and judge, but if you can pardon me just this one time I really feel like this is something we should talk about: WHAT ARE YOU HAVING FOR LUNCH TODAY? From Radar:

The 22-year-old was being treated for alcohol abuse at The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens, as we first revealed.

But the ex-MTV starlet is understood to have been such a destabilizing force, counsellors forced her to leave on Monday night — two days before she was expected to finish the course.
“She will still graduate from the program, but in less time than it typically takes because her behavior became challenging,” a source told Radar.

Among the issues: The single mother-of-one got involved in an argument with a nurse, tried to take photos of another patient, Tan Mom, during group therapy and upset fellow patients and counsellors, who complained to management that she acted like a bully.

Then, on Monday, Farrah caused yet another uproar when she supposedly invited a paparazzi photographer to the venue to take photos of herself, according to the insider. The man was ejected from the facility’s grounds

I had a bagel for breakfast so I’m not too hungry for a lunch, but am snacking on some guacamole and chips! Please, if you’re willing, share what you are having for lunch in the comments! I will totally understand if you believe sharing what you are having for lunch is an invasion of the small amount of privacy you are allotted in this life, even though you can argue that it is being taken away because of the slippery slope you began when you willingly gave away the majority of it (Instagram in your case, I guess? Not sure, I JUST WANNA TALK ABOUT LUNCH)! What are you having?!? CHIPOTLE?