Shia LaBeouf Rationalizes His Decision To Wear Combat Fatigues While Running Errands

“Look, I mean– Okay, so, you know how when Zachary Quinto is filming Star Trek he has to walk around with half eyebrows or whatever, because they have to be able to draw in the upward-swooping ones? Everyone knows he’s doing it because he’s Spock. It’s not like he walks into a gas station and has half eyebrows and the gas station attendant is like, ‘What’s up with Zachary Quinto’s eyebrows?’ The gas station attendant KNOWS that he’s Spock and KNOWS he has the eyebrows for a movie. It’s kind of the same thing here. Everyone knows I’m going to be in a movie about World War II with Brad Pitt called Fury. ‘Oh, why is Shia LaBeouf at the grocery store in combat fatigues?’ ‘Oh, it’s because he’s going to be in a movie called Fury with Brad Pitt and it’s about World War II.’ Like, if anything, that’s what the conversation is going to be. One person being confused about it and then immediately getting an answer from the next person. ‘Ohhhh, right, I think I heard something about that,’ the first person will say, trying to cover up their ignorance. And, like, if the question is why am I wearing modern day combat fatigues if my point is to somehow practice method acting for my World War II movie — like, why am I not wearing a World War II costume — then, I don’t know, I feel like the person wondering that is just a jerk? Like, where am I supposed to get a World War II uniform to run errands in? Hah, sorry buddy, TIME MACHINE’S BROKEN. Would if I could, but, hah, yeah. Time machine’s broken. And if the question is whether or not it’s offensive to run around dressed like I’m in the army in order to practice for my play pretend, when dressing like you are in the army is generally an honor reserved for those who are actually in the army, then I guess I’d just have to direct someone to the Webster’s Dictionary definition of method acting. You know? Jesus christ. It’s like, just get a dictionary? They’re not expensive.” -Shia LaBeouf (Full-size Shia LaBeouf after the jump.) (Via Celebitchy.)