How Was Everyone’s Day Today?

Too much of my day has consisted of Gabe telling me about L.A. pool parties while I sit in my Brooklyn apartment, far from any (in-ground) pool (my neighbors have an above-ground pool but they are a family and I don’t think they want to be friends, plus above-ground? no thanks), desperately wanting some sort of pool-and-friend-related relief from this disgusting muggy heat wave that I will almost certainly not get, so, uh, my day has been AH-NOT SO GREAT! Just kidding, my day has been fine. Disgusting, but fine. At least when you compare it to the day actress Rachel Leigh Cook is having, during which she discovered that she suffers from FACE BLINDNESS! From SFGate:

The pregnant “She’s All That” star plays an FBI agent in drama “Perception,” and she admits she has learned a lot about neurological behavior while researching her part – and now she’s convinced she has prosopagnosia.

She says, “It’s where you can see people out of context that you completely know and you don’t recognize them. … If I see you at the grocery store. … I’d be like, ‘Did we go to school together…?’”

I don’t think that face blindness isn’t a real thing (translation: I do think that face blindness is a real thing), but, uh, I don’t think that Rachel Leigh Cook has it? NOT THAT I KNOW ANYTHING! But it sounds to me like Rachel Leigh Cook has more of a case of the I’m-not-too-good-at-remembering-the-people-I-meets. (Because also, if you don’t recognize someone, why do you ask them if you went to school with them?) (Rachel Leigh Cook walking around a grocery store, asking EVERYONE if she knows them just to be safe.) Which is fine! Lots of people suffer from that same disease and go on to live very happy lives in which many of their acquaintances think they are jerks. C’est la vie. (For some.) How was your day, though? (Thanks for the tip, Michael!)