Girl Stuff: Learn How To Dance In One Year

Hey ladies! GO AWAY, BOYS, THIS ONE IS JUST FOR THE LADIES! Now that they’re gone, how is your summer going? Shitty because whenever it’s not raining it’s about 100 degrees outside so it’s hard to be outside, but you can’t feel comfortable in your home without blaring the air conditioner pretty much 24/7, which is making you too afraid to look at your electricity bill? And you can’t go anywhere without looking and feeling like a piece of garbage? And you keep seeing pictures of people on beaches and at lakes and you can’t figure out where they get the time and money to take these vacations? Like, how much money do they make do you think? How much do they pay for rent? Is everyone just saving their money better than you’re saving yours? Do you always have to order a cocktail when you go out to dinner? Wait, should you stop going out to dinner?! Do you do that to much? How often do other people go out to dinner? How much money are you supposed to have? You probably shouldn’t have bought that romper from Urban Outfitters this week, especially because you went to the site because they were having a sale and the romper wasn’t on sale, and you hate being played like that! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! Wait, is anyone left? I know the boys are gone, but are any ladies still around? Ladies? DO YOU WANT TO LEARN HOW TO DANCE IN ONE YEAR OR WHAT?

Oh, okay. Seems easy! (Via ViralViral.)