Explaining Your The Ring-Style Wake Up Prank To A Friend

You: So you’ve met my girlfriend, right?
Your Friend: Yeah, a bunch of times. She’s great.
You: Yeah she’s the best. So I’ve been setting up this prank–
Your Friend: Wait, a prank to play on your girlfriend?
You: Yeah.
Your Friend: Why?
You: What do you mean why?
Your Friend: Why would you play a prank on your girlfriend? You’re both in your thirties.
You: Oh, I play pranks on people. Usually my friends. You can read about it in the SUPER long YouTube description of this video.
Your Friend: What?
You: Nevermind. So, I planted the seed of fear by telling my girlfriend that I saw a ghost in our bedroom a few nights ago, and all week I’ve been gathering materials to make this The Ring-style puppet–
Your Friend: Like that movie that came out 100 years ago?
You: Right, yeah.
Your Friend: Okay.
You: So I’m going to rig this horrible Ring puppet onto the television while my girlfriend is sleeping and then scream to wake–
Your Friend: Dude.

You: –Scream to wake her up, and I’ll be moving the arms around and stuff, holy shit it’s going to be hilarious.
Your Friend: You’re a nightmare.
You: What??
Your Friend: You’re just awful, sincerely.
You: C’mon!
Your Friend: Just a garbage person. Go get in the trash, garbage person.
You: That is harsh, man. It’s just a prank.
Your Friend: GET IN THE TRASH.

Scene. (Via Neatorama.)