How To: Catch Trout For Dinner

1. Live in a beautiful wooded area with a small pond or lake type of thing in the middle. The mosquitos would be a nightmare, but don’t draw attention to that fact. It probably doesn’t bother you at all. Make sure someone sees your video after spending a holiday weekend in the city.
2. Make causal mention of the fact that you are in a hammock. Oh, a hammock in the middle of this wooded area, far away from even the idea of hot concrete and thousands of strangers pushing their way through crowded city streets? Sure, you’re just in your hammock. It’s not a big deal.
3. Have your wife do definitely a fine enough job at pretending that this video isn’t carefully orchestrated.
4. Don’t mention it, but let the viewer know that the window-unit air conditioner she’s had going for the past 5 days straight that is barely doing anything anymore, like, is it maybe broken?, is it just that hot outside that it’s impossible to break through?, ????, is nothing compared to the cool, nature-y air you’re probably feeling while lying in your stupid hammock with your two dogs, while some of us are out here without even one dog.
5. Jump into the stupid pond thing and catch a trout for dinner, whatever, we’re having pasta again.

Hahah, awww. The wife does a very neat job of acting surprised. I love the title cards. I love everything about this video. GOOD VIDEO! HAVE A NICE DINNER! (Via ViralViral.)