Wait, Why Wasn’t John Travolta In Flight?

I’m not going to pretend I know how casting decisions are made in Hollywood. By throwing darts at headshots of Denzel Washington and choosing whichever actor on which the dart lands? By asking your buddy, “Hey, do you know who’d be good for this part? Looking for someone kind like Denzel Washington…” and waiting to see if they simply suggest Denzel Washington? By creating a part that would be perfect for John Travolta (a pilot) and then, with no explanation given to the public, completely inexplicably choosing an actor that is not John Travolta, like you were playing some sort of sick joke on those on whom you livelihood directly depends?! WHY WASN’T JOHN TRAVOLTA THE LEAD IN FLIGHT?! SOMEONE OUT THERE HAS TO KNOW THE ANSWER! JOHN TRAVOLTA?! DO YOU KNOW THE ANSWER?! (Oh, he does, from ContactMusic via FilmDrunk):

“The funny thing was it was written for me. But it was not written well enough yet—the plane stuff, not the character. I loved that he was an alcoholic and I loved his journey a lot. But the plane stuff was silly, from my perspective. Flying upside down—it’s a bit much. I just wanted those bits to get redone. I asked the writer, ‘Did you not ask a professional or someone who knew something?’ And he said, ‘I didn’t want any interference—I just wanted the screenplay done. To hell with that stuff!’”

“Dear John Travolta, I’ve written you this part. Not accepting notes on whether or not planes generally fly upside down, etc. Did not ask anyone who knew something — did not want interference. The part is yours. Take as is or we’re getting Denzel Washington. Love, The Writer.” Ugh, well, at least we have our answer. We can’t expect to figure out all of Hollywood’s mysteries, so we must feel #blessed when any answers at all are illuminated. Feeling #blessed.