Running Into Leonardo DiCaprio Riding A Citi Bike With An E-Cigarette

You: Oh, hey! Hey, Leo!
Leonardo DiCaprio: Oh heyyyy, I almost missed you!
You: I know, man, you were really zooming on that Citi Bike!
Leonardo DiCaprio: Hah, zooming?
You: Haha I guess that is a weird thing to say. You were riding fast, though. Where’s your helmet?
Leonardo DiCaprio: Uh-oh.
You: Uh-oh’s right! I caught you! You know that’s not safe, man. Like I see you’re smoking that E-Cigarette and that’s a step in the right direction, for sure, but not having lung cancer isn’t going to safe you from getting doored and breaking your skull all over the pavement.
Leonardo DiCaprio: Jeeze, you’re such a buzzkill.
You: I’m just trying to look out for you.
Leonardo DiCaprio: I know, I know. I appreciate it, really. I promise I’ll try to keep a helmet on me when I think I’m going to use a Citi Bike.
You: How is that, anyway?
Leonardo DiCaprio: How is what?
You: Using Citi Bikes. I haven’t tried it yet.
Leonardo DiCaprio: Oh, it’s great. It’s really easy, I like the system a lot.
You: Cool!
Leonardo DiCaprio: Yeah. Cool, man.
You: All right, well–
Leonardo DiCaprio: Well, I guess I’ll get going.
You: Cool.
Leonardo DiCaprio: Talk to you later, man!
You: Later!