What Can Frogs See That We Can’t?

Ghosts? Street signs from far away? The reason why otherwise generally self-aware people tweet at celebrities? All of the bugs inside of our homes? Out of their left eye, because they don’t over-think their eye exams and always end up with a prescription that is incorrect? The future?! Why people have gates in front of their homes that don’t lock and only make it more difficult for you to enter if you are carrying things with both hands? Why young people like music that is presented in a lower audio quality? Why a person’s friends wouldn’t tell the person whether or not they are coming to her fourth of July BBQ even though they must understand that the amount of snacks and stuff she buys depends on how likely they are to show up? Ummmm, why people in their late twenties and early thirties are obsessed with the idea of “being an adult” and “doing adult things” when in fact they are adults and should just do whatever they’re doing and be quiet about it? GHOSTS AGAIN? WHAT IS IT, TELLL MEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Ohh, okay. That’s neat too, I guess. Are we sure about the other stuff though? Like, ghosts and stuff? Are we sure that frogs can’t see them? Let me know, I’ll be here. (Via UniqueDaily.)