Oh My God, Did You Hear About Henry And Kaley?

Before I say anything, you have to PRA-ROMISE that you did not hear this from me. Okay? Like, I care about my individual friendships with Henry and Kaley a lot and I wouldn’t want this to mess either of those up. I’m only telling you because I care about my friendship with you, too, and I know that you care about Henry and Kaley, and if they’re acting against their best interests right now I think we deserve to know, right? Like, this is our life, too. You know? When you have such a tight group of friends — I mean, we’re basically like family — you have to understand that what you do is going to affect the group dynamic, and you have to expect that people are going to share their opinions about it. Right? So anyway, from the LA Times:

“Man of Steel” star Henry Cavill and “Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley Cuoco are dating, according to reports out Monday.

“They are totally hot for each other,” a friend of the two told Us Weekly, which first reported the news.

A People connection put it a little more demurely: “They were both single and started dating recently,” said the source, who’s reportedly connected to both parties. “It’s just the beginning stages of a relationship, and they’re having a great time.”

!!!!!!! “THEY’RE HAVING A GREAT TIME.” Seriously, I’m trusting that you are not going to say that you heard this from me, but can you believe this?! Like, I was talking to Molly about it — I mean, I just told her before you because it came up? You’re not the only person I talk to, jesus — and she brought up a good point which is just, like, what are they even doing?! You know? God, it’s almost gross. Like, I care about them a lot, but…ew. You know? Ugh. Do not tell anyone that I told you, though, seriously.