French Bulldog Fart Scare

Reasons why it is okay to enjoy “French bulldog fart scare” at this exact moment and not at a time when it would be “more appropriate,” like when you are home from work, or on your lunch break, or at the very least during the Petting Zoo on Wednesday, which is where we generally keep these things: It is monday, for crying out loud; it is raining outside and will probably be raining outside all week; you woke up feeling a little unhappy and you’re not sure why; nobody is talking to you on gchat; you aren’t totally happy with any Google Reader alternative; you recently finished a novel you were enjoying and you feel sad about it, like you’re going to miss it; a few of your friends are still holding out on confirming their attendance to your fourth of July BBQ and, like, you know they’ve SEEN the invite and could at the very least tell you why they are unable to make up their mind as of right now; like, really, you need to buy things for it! how many things are you supposed to buy!?; work or school feels a little extra daunting for some reason; Monday; raining; FARTS.

Thank you, French bulldog! Thank you for farting and being afraid of it, WE NEEDED YOU! (Via CuteOverload.)